About Us

Wheresbigfoot.com – is part of a leading pay per click search engine network established in 2002. We combine a decade of online experience in sourcing the world’s best traffic and providing an enjoyable search experience to our millions of users. Finding targeted search results should not be as elusive as finding Bigfoot. Working with an accredited affiliate program to earn revenue from your search traffic should not be as difficult as wrestling the great Sasquatch. We make it easy. Utilize our team of experts to help monetize your search traffic and find exactly what you are looking for.

How We Work


Wheresbigfoot.com is a text based search portal and ad network catering to over 15,000 advertisers and intelligently serving over 6 billion search ad impressions each month in a real-time auction model. Our ads are sourced from our direct advertiser base and over 50 other strategic network relationships. This gives our platform the penetration and the performance edge. We serve ads covering 40 countries and 35+ major verticals. We work with hundreds of affiliates and direct sites generating millions of clicks per day.

Advertisers sign up at http://ads.wheresbigfoot.com/advertiser-signup.html by uploading their keywords, descriptions and URL’s in an easy to use step by step interface. With a minimum of a $25 deposit you can immediately get qualified web traffic to your website. The account is set up as a self-service model, but you’ll be assigned a dedicated account representative and a team of optimizers to review and manage your account should you require assistance. Our network accepts both Paypal and all major Credit Cards. Upon sign-up, you’ll receive a login to manage your campaigns through our interface. You can control your CPC rate, geo targeting, daily budget and keywords targeted plus have the option to use a conversion tracking pixel. WheresBigFoot.com prides itself on customer service and looks forward to generating qualified traffic to you website.


By signing up as a publisher on WheresbigFoot.com http://www.wheresbigfoot.com/signup.php, website owners, webmasters and affiliates can tap into the WheresbigFoot.com advertiser network and immediately begin monetizing your web traffic. We accept direct site, toolbar, CPV, domain, and in-text traffic and monetize your traffic through thousands of direct advertisers, CPC engines, ad agencies and CPA networks. We provide paid advertiser listings in dozens of verticals, countries and keywords to ensure your success. Revenue is earned on a CPC rev share and paid monthly. Our system dynamically adjusts rev share for each of your traffic sources and reports traffic quality scoring (the higher the scoring the higher the CPC bids). Upon signing up and being approved as a publisher, you’ll receive a login with a real-time reporting interface to monitor your success. We will assign a dedicated account representative and optimization team to assure the highest revenue per search query.

We utilize YieldRank technology to rank your ads based on CPC, click through rate and other quality measures utilizing our search algorithms. We incorporate a proprietary blend of Traffic Quality algorithms to screen our publisher traffic to ensure only the highest quality clicks are going to our advertisers thus maintaining a long-term partnership and budget commitments from our advertisers.

Sign up as a publisher on WheresBigFoot.com and let us help you earn maximum revenue from your web traffic.